Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy 11 Weeks

Fetal Development

Your fetus measures about 1.75 to 2.4 inches from crown to rump and weighs about 0.3 ounces. From this week until week 20 your baby will be growing rapidly, in fact, by the end of week 14 you can expect your baby's length to have doubled!

More and bigger blood vessels start to form in the placenta to provide the baby with more nutrients. The baby's head is about half the length of the body size, which is why head growth begins to slow down, to allow the rest of the body to catch up.

The brain, nerves and muscles are beginning to function. Your baby flexes his or her arms and kicks it's legs, but you still can't feel these movements quite yet since the baby is still far too small.

The baby's legs have grown longer than their arms. Muscles have developed between the skin and underlying bones. Your baby can now respond to touch if stroked on the palm of their hands or the soles of their feet due to primitive reflexes kicking in.

The ears are moving toward their final position on the sides of the head. Tiny toenails and fingernails will start to appear and hair is growing on the body. The irises (colored part of the eye) will also begin to develop this week. The baby can now open his or her jaw and stretch.

The baby's body is straighter, more elongated and small ribs can be seen through the chest. The digestive system is also developing rapidly.

The external genitalia have now formed into either a penis or a clitoris. External genitalia now appear recognizable. It will take another 3 weeks to complete the development of the genitalia.

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