Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy 7 Weeks

Fetal Development

Your baby is now between 0.44 and 0.52 inches in length and about 0.03 ounces in weight. This is about the size of a small bean.

The heart bulges from the body and is now divided in two chambers, right and left. Lungs are taking shape with the primary bronchi, the air passages in the lungs, already present. Your baby's brain is growing rapidly to fill the now formed, enlarging head. The spinal cord, which passes messages from the brain throughout the rest of the body, is also developing.

Your baby's face is taking shape. The mouth perforation, nostrils, ear indentations, as well as the retina and lens of the eyes are some of the developments taking place this week.

Your baby's arms and legs are starting to form. The arm buds are divided into shoulder and hand segments. Hands and feet have formed digital plates where fingers and toes will develop. The genital tubercle is forming, but the two sexes are still indistinguishable at this point.

Intestines are developing within the umbilical cord, and the appendix is present. The intestines will later migrate into the abdominal cavity. The pancreas, which produces the hormone insulin, is also present.

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