Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy 8 Weeks

Fetal Development

Your embryo is now 0.56 to 0.8 inches from crown to rump, about the size of a grape. The arms now bend at the elbow and wrist. The hand and foot plates are developing ridges where the fingers and toes will eventually grow.

The baby's hindbrain is now clearly visible. The pituitary gland, which is formed at the base of the brain, now produces hormones such as the growth hormone, prolactin (stimulates milk production after birth), and several others.

The cells that will develop into your baby's genitals arrive, but they haven't yet developed into either testes or ovaries. Spontaneous movement (muscle contractions) begins about now as well, but these aren't perceptible to you yet.

More facial developments such as the formation of the tip of the nose, the eyelid folds, and the development of the ears both internally and externally are taking place. The middle ear, which is responsible for hearing and balance, also starts development. However, your baby will not be able to hear until about week 19 to 24. The cheeks, mouth, lips and chin are more defined. Each eye now has an optic cup, retina and lens.

The bronchi (the tubes leading from the throat to the lungs) are starting to branch out. As your uterus continues to grow, the pancreas and gallbladder have formed. The appendix is also present.

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